Friday, July 10, 2009

It seems like all I ever talk about on this blog are the things I have to get done. I have been able to finish a few things recently, but actually finding the time to document them here has been a challenge. Cracked Pots is in 10 days. I feel unprepared, but I'm trying not to stress about it. The kids are home full time, and Matt has been traveling a ton. It seems like he is gone more than he is home. We knew this summer was going to be busy for him, so I decided not to do a lot of shows. It was definitely the right choice.
I wanted to show a couple of things that I actually have been able to finish.....
A new garden ball made from a big bag of beach glass that I scored at a garage sale.
Another new ball, this one made from a huge piece of textured mirror that I got from that same garage sale. It is really cool, but so textured on the back side, that it's not the easiest to work with.Here is my to be grouted pile. That green and blue one is made from the glass in my previous post.
Last, because there is always one, a work in progress. A baby quilt ordered by a friend. I signed both the boys up for camps next week, hoping to use the time to catch up and get ready. Wish me luck.....

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

This weekend we had our annual block party. I absolutely love my neighbors, and feel so lucky to live on this block.
I don't measure the success of a party by how many water balloons are thrown, but some members of my household do.
They thought it was "better than Christmas".
We had lots of hanging out with friends, and neighbors, and local entertainment too!
As if that wasn't enough to make a great day, my friend showed up with these sheets of glass. On her bike!
I haven't cut into these yet, but have been really busy making lots. I'll be back tomorrow, after I have enough sun to take a few pictures.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy 4th of July

Lots of kid time and not much work happening around here. Enjoy the long weekend!!