Sunday, July 27, 2008

Cracked pots was great, I can't believe it's over already. I sold a bunch the first day and not so much the second. The weather was perfect, and this year I had a spot with some shade.

I love this door at Edgefield so much. I wish I could do something like it in my yard. Can you see that little smiling face in there?
These are a few pictures from the artist challenge. This year you had to use hand tools or caps.
I loved this bench made from corks and wine bottles.
Here is a shot from my booth. I'll be putting the rest of my pictures from the show on flicker later tonight.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Thursday, July 17, 2008

I planned on posting my to-do list here earlier this week. I thought it would help me focus on what needs to get done, but plans changed. The car broke down on my way home from running an errand on Tuesday. I was just getting on the highway, which was no fun, but I luckily made it safely to the next exit. Matt borrowed a neighbors car to pick me up. While we were waiting for the tow truck we wandered around fubonn. I love that place, and rarely get out there. The boys picked out cat shaped marshmallows, and we ate thai mangoes. I was totally stressing about the work time I was losing, but had to let it go. It turned out to be a really fun afternoon.
The weather here has been perfect--the kind that reminds us why we live here kind of perfect. The garden has really taken off, and is actually producing. We've been eating carrots and peas and lettuce all week. This morning we went berry picking on sauvie island.
The boys wanted to pick some of every kind of berry. They are all so good right now. We also stopped off at a sweet lavender farm and cut a bouquet too.
I wore this hat (that Mitchel is modeling) this morning, and have been wearing it since my friend Melissa made it for me. I love it and will be wearing it all the time. Thanks Melissa. No more sunburn for me.
So now I have to get back to work. Only a few days until Cracked Pots. I may pop back in here with pictures if I have time. Until then I'm posting the rest of my to-do list, and feeling good about how much shorter it is now, compared to a couple days ago. Wish me luck..............

:::Finish 3 small balls
:::Finish 4 Medium balls
:::Finish Last large ball
:::Finish purple ball
:::Grout orange and purple balls
:::Fix blue ball
:::Stamp and cut tags

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Mississippi Street Fair

I thought I'd post a couple pics from the street fair yesterday. It was more crowded than I thought it would be, and I happily sold more than I expected.
It was nice hanging out with Amanda and her hubby. She brought some great weights for the tent that she made out of pvc. They were really useful, and I totally want to make some.

The two spaces next to ours ended up being empty, so Mason set up his magnets. He had a great time selling until it got hot. When there was no shade left he reluctantly agreed to call it a day early. I didn't get much of a chance to walk around but I did get out a little and bought this cute guitar shirt for Mitchel. I also saw the signs for the opening of the new Starbucks, right next door to the local coffee shop. Literally in the same building. I still can't believe it. On another subject, I was able to deliver these two quilts to another new set of twins today! I got to see and hold the tiniest baby I've ever seen. She is just four and a half pounds, but healthy, and very sweet. I can't wait to see them again, but have to get back to work. Only eight days until Cracked Pots. I've got lots to finish before then................

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Plugging away at small marble 8 balls.
I also wanted to show the crazy bamboo that grew while we were gone. The top picture I took the morning we left and the bottom one 10 days later. See the same stump in both pics?

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I'm back after a much longer break than I expected. The school year finally ended. Florida was great. Traveling with the kids has gotten a lot easier, and a lot more fun. It was hands down the best family vacation we've ever had. We got to spend lots of time with family and great friends. However, coming home after ten days and having to prepare for two different shows three days later was a bit crazy. Matt and Mason set up and manned the Ta-Dah booth at the recycled arts fest, while I went to Newport for the Oregon coast garden expo. The Newport show was disappointing, but the view from my spot at the sale couldn't have been better. Christine took some great pictures at the recycled arts fest, that you can see here.
Mason set up his own display again this year. He sold recycled toy magnets, and was thrilled by all the sales he made.
Being home is great. We came back to berry season in full swing, and everything seemed to grow a ton. Last week our block closed down for a repeat of last years 4th of July block party. Not quite as big, but just as much fun. The in-laws were in town for the weekend as well.

Now it's just us again, and I am trying to find a balance that includes having two (no napping) kids at home full time and getting work done. Somehow last summer it worked, but I am feeling the crunch right now. Cracked Pots is just two short weeks away!! This weekend I'll be sharing a booth with Amanda at the Mississippi street fair. I'll be back tomorrow, my new plan is to try to post a picture daily of what is going on in the studio. We'll see how that goes.............