Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Where did the week go?

Nanna came to town last week for a short visit. We got a chance to do a few things we had been wanting to do. We headed out to the gorge for some hiking on friday. The trail was beautiful and covered in blackberries in just the right spots, so I didn't have to carry anyone to the car. We saw body worlds 3 at OMSI, which was very cool.
Then drove up to johnston ridge observatory on MT St Helens for a look at the crater. Unfortunately a front came in while we were up there, so the views weren't perfect but still so great. The pictures don't even begin to do it justice. I can't wait to go again sometime.
A quick ride on the sky tram at OHSU before heading home, for a campfire.
I was able to get a little work time in on Sunday, but am realizing that things are slowing down on the crafting front while we enjoy the last of summer break and enter back to school mode.
I am still working on getting the online shops going. I hopefully will get it together in time be participating in the PDXetsy sale that is going on this weekend. When I get the details I will post them. There should be lots of good deals on some great handmade goods!!

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EyePopArt said...

Hey, my husband is starting a new job next week at the Daily Cafe which is down there by the tram stop. Stop in and see him next time you're trammin'!