Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I have lots to post about but no pictures so those posts can wait. Instead I thought I would show the official before shot of my new mosaic project. A neighbor of mine was going to toss this broken birdbath, but I told her I would take it instead. I'd heard about the glue Mighty Putty, and was looking for something to try it out on. I talked Matt into helping me drag this heavy thing into the basement. He complained that this was almost as stupid as when I made him help me bring home the huge stump. Anyway, we got it down there, and I followed the instructions on the putty and it worked great. I glued the two pieces of the base back together and repaired the top. Now the fun part starts.
I don't plan on finishing this anytime soon, hopefully by next summer. I'll post pictures here as it progresses. Fun, fun.


rebecca said...

I'm just browsing through posts I've missed. What a project! It looks like the same HEAVY birdbath I have. My question is this: if it took 2 of you to get it into the basement and it was in 2 pieces, how easy is it going to be to get it out (remember it will be even HEAVIER) when it's put back together and has mosaic items attached to it? I can hear Matt now...tee hee.

Megan said...

Hi Rebecca-
It will be super heavy, but hopefully worth it. Thanks for reminding me about this project. I really want to get back to it!