Thursday, May 22, 2008

Which way is up

The end of the school year crazyness has officially begun. It seems like we have been on the run for a few weeks, and have a few more to go. Adding to the list of things to do, is the community garden plot. I can tell we are already forming a love/hate relationship with it. This picture was taken a few days ago, after we replanted, and before the newest crop of weeds grew in. All the seeds I started inside died pretty quickly. Maybe the 50+ degree temp fluctuations we've been having are to blame. We're hoping the second time is the charm.

Our front yard is actually beginning to feel like our own. After two summers of battling it, and moving things around, we are starting to figure things out. This spot is definitely my favorite. Those colorful circles are from Leah, and I love them. She makes the most awesome glass mobiles, you can see her shop here.The Art Hop last weekend was fun, but possibly the hottest show I have ever been to. Having a tent on blacktop in the 95 degree heat was brutal. I was able to get a quick pic of this ball before I sold it. It was made from a huge reclaimed hamster ball, and practically glowed in the sun. I am definitely on the hunt for more of those.
The parade was exactly what I expected, and so much fun. I am working on getting all my pictures uploaded to flickr tonight. I'll have pictures from the past few shows and both parades.
Have a great long weekend everyone.

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EyePopArt said...

That blue one is fab!