Thursday, April 2, 2009

Spring Break

The kids have been out of school for the past two weeks, which explains why I haven't had a second to type. Last week we headed to Mt Hood for a ski day. It was the first time for both Mitchel and I. I was happy that I only wiped out once. Mitchel was fearless, and Mason barely came off the slopes long enough for me to even get a picture of him.
We spent a good part of the week making lots and lots of felt food for a special cousin's birthday. It was so fun, I had to force myself to stop long after the boys lost interest. There are tons of great tutorials on the internet. I just googled "felt food tutorials" and chose the ones I liked the best.
We've been getting ready for our second round of visitors later today, and a birthday party for my very favorite almost nine year old. I can't believe he's turning 9!
School resumes next week, and I am hoping to get in some work time. Until then, we will be here hanging out with the world's laziest dog.

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LeaKarts said...

omg 2 weeks?!? Now I am thankful that ours was only one! Not that I didn't enjoy it; I was also happy when it ended :)