Saturday, April 18, 2009


Things have been busier than usual around here lately. Throw in some computer problems, and it makes for some difficult blogging. My classes at the DIY lounge have been filling up and have been really fun. I've also been teaching a recycled arts class at the boy's school this semester. Here are a few pictures from that class.
These are before grout. I'll post more pictures when they are finished.This one is hard to see in the picture, but was done completely by a small group of kids. They designed it, cut the glass, and glued all the glass themselves. I am so proud!!
This last one is my favorite. Maybe the most fun project I've ever worked on. It is huge, and made from all the plastic bits that can't be easily recycled. We collected caps and plastic pieces for a few weeks. We had so many extras, that I think there may be more of these in the works.
I'm working on getting all the class photos together on flickr. I'll post again when that is done. If you are interested in the DIY Lounge classes, check them out here. Gotta run, and get the grouting done while the sun is out.

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