Sunday, September 9, 2007

Back to School

Mason started second grade this morning (I can't believe I have a second grader) . He was very exited to go. I'm glad that school is back in session, but am already missing the relaxed summer mornings.
Despite having a crazy busy weekend filled with potlucks, birthday parties, late summer colds, and getting ready for school, I was able to squeeze in a little time for work. Last week I found a couple of glass treasures at the bin and am working on something new. I'm hoping to have them finished in time for the shows this week. The Cornell Farm show starts --I should have the show info to post on Thursday. On Saturday I'll be part of the Foster Art Walk. It will be between SE 53rd to SE 93rd, and runs from 10-6. I'll be setting up with some other Trillium Artisans, and a few sellers from PDX Etsy in front of the Trillium Store.
Have a great Monday. It's going to be a really hot one here.


JeanBean said...

Love the hat.


Megan Klepp said...

He loves it too, he has worn it everyday!