Monday, October 1, 2007

Monday --- Monday

A couple of weeks ago Diane from DIY Alert asked me to do an interview. I was very excited to see she had posted it this morning. So go check it out!! Thanks Diane, it was fun.

On another note, I think Matt may have had his best day ever yesterday. He finally found a family friendly, non smoking PACKER bar/restaurant where he can take the boys to watch the football games. They had brats and cheese curds and felt like they were "home again". I stopped in to check the place out and took this picture. I only had my phone, so it is a little fuzzy. To everyone who has been asking, yes those are teeth finally growing in Mason's mouth. After 17 months he is very happy.

While they were having a blast watching the game. I was at the bin store. I found a possible treasure. I say possible because because it's also a possible hassle. It's a really old 85 key piano. Small enough to fit in the perfect spot. But needs a lot of work. Hopefully this project will pay off. I'll keep you posted.


Jess said...

Your article rocks. My favorite answer is the one about craft vs. art.

You go!

Melanie said...

well, you guys must be in heaven with how well the packers are doing this year!!! I'll check out the article now :-)