Sunday, January 13, 2008

More Etsy Love and Random Stuff

So my plans for blogging got a little postponed, but I am keeping a list of the shops I still want to share. Lots of back to school illness came to our house this week, so needless to say this is what I saw most of the week.

I was able to finish the spoon orders and got them sent off. I am still in organizing mode in the studio, but feel like I am getting somewhere. I get this bug every January and feel like I need to clean, organize, and do home improvement projects. I started out in the basement with my workspace, but since I've had to be home this week, I spread out in the house and have been tackling closets and cabinets. This week the paint is coming out!

Here are a few more shops I wanted to share
John T. Unger Studio I love the waves of fire-fire pit, and the mosaic fish.
Discomedusa designs I wear my necklace that I bought from her at the PDX Etsy show every day.
Isabel Studio the mini art quilts are so cool.
Another favorite of mine is TQB designs her beaded beads are awesome!

I'll be back soon, maybe with some pictures. It's supposed to be sunny this week. Yeah!

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