Monday, January 21, 2008


The thrifting gods seem to be on my side lately. Last week I found eight medium sized balls for garden mosaics and tons of marbles. I found two pieces of remnant fabric the exact size and color I needed for my new pillows, but the best deal I found is in these boxes.
I was tile shopping and came across the coolest tile in a showroom that was way out of my budget. The sales guy told me that they had a seconds room down the street. I went to check it out and found some excellent tile for one dollar a pound. I'm so excited about this, and about to start the biggest mosaic project I've ever done, and the first one with tile. If the sun stays out I'll hopefully get some pictures to document the progress. For now here is a picture I took at Multnomah Falls this morning. It was sunny and freezing but so beautiful covered in ice.

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