Thursday, July 17, 2008

I planned on posting my to-do list here earlier this week. I thought it would help me focus on what needs to get done, but plans changed. The car broke down on my way home from running an errand on Tuesday. I was just getting on the highway, which was no fun, but I luckily made it safely to the next exit. Matt borrowed a neighbors car to pick me up. While we were waiting for the tow truck we wandered around fubonn. I love that place, and rarely get out there. The boys picked out cat shaped marshmallows, and we ate thai mangoes. I was totally stressing about the work time I was losing, but had to let it go. It turned out to be a really fun afternoon.
The weather here has been perfect--the kind that reminds us why we live here kind of perfect. The garden has really taken off, and is actually producing. We've been eating carrots and peas and lettuce all week. This morning we went berry picking on sauvie island.
The boys wanted to pick some of every kind of berry. They are all so good right now. We also stopped off at a sweet lavender farm and cut a bouquet too.
I wore this hat (that Mitchel is modeling) this morning, and have been wearing it since my friend Melissa made it for me. I love it and will be wearing it all the time. Thanks Melissa. No more sunburn for me.
So now I have to get back to work. Only a few days until Cracked Pots. I may pop back in here with pictures if I have time. Until then I'm posting the rest of my to-do list, and feeling good about how much shorter it is now, compared to a couple days ago. Wish me luck..............

:::Finish 3 small balls
:::Finish 4 Medium balls
:::Finish Last large ball
:::Finish purple ball
:::Grout orange and purple balls
:::Fix blue ball
:::Stamp and cut tags

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