Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The community garden plot has been a mixed blessing. We have been loving all the fresh veggies and are excited to pick our two big pumpkins. We did not expect it to be such a hassle to have the garden in a location other than our house. With no place to store tools, and no way to bring home large amounts of produce and compost, we found ourselves driving much more than we planned. Plus, probably the biggest thing for me, was the kids not having a safe place to be at the garden, or anywhere to hang out while we got our work done. We are hoping raised beds are the answer. This weekend we got the chance to salvage some wood from a neighborhood demolition project and jumped at it. We were able to complete one bed and have enough left over to get started on the next one. We are going to start out with two next summer, but may add a third. Now that we've been gardening again, we don't want to stop.

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