Thursday, September 18, 2008

Yesterday Mitchel and I took a trip up to the Pittock Mansion. I had never been. It is gorgeous. I think it must have the best views of Portland I've ever seen. I met the buyer from their museum store at the ArT the beach show I did a couple of weeks ago. She invited me to bring by a few piece to be juried for their store. I'm crossing my fingers they like them. I would love an excuse to visit more often.
Last week I sent off a batch of recycled marble thumbtacks to the Sampler. Some of the PDXetsy members organized a Portland city wide Sampler. I've never participated in one, and curious to see how it goes. I just recently started making the thumbtacks. They sold well at the last show, so I decided to add them to my shop. I hope to have it updated this evening.

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EyePopArt said...

Hey Megan, I just wanted to say I love your new banner! Great photo!

Good luck with the Pittock Mansion deal!