Saturday, March 29, 2008

Better Living Show

Here are a few pictures of our Trillium Artisans booth at the better living show.Here you can see Julia's handmade paper. She also makes amazing jewelry out of reclaimed bike tires.Here are Liz's bike clocks. She also makes adorable hair clips out of vintage buttons.

You can see Carolyn's recycled stained glass earrings on the table behind my marble balls.

Hard to see in this picture, but hanging on the side of the grid, are April's bags made from reclaimed lawn chair webbing.

We've had a few lighting issues, so the pictures aren't the best. I couldn't get a picture of Anitra's china blossoms, but you can see them here.


Anonymous said...

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EyePopArt said...

Hey, the pictures from the Better Living Show look great! Thanks for posting. You ladies are such pros!

Michael said...

I think the photos look great! I saw your booth at the Better Living Show and it was fanstic. And by the way, what an awesome event.