Thursday, January 29, 2009

I love our house. I love all of it's charm and it's potential.

But that being said... we are officially in do it yourself hell. It didn't start out that way.
It started out as a new kitchen floor, and has turned into a "money pit" like project. Two kitchen walls and a dining room wall have crumbled. I had planned to mosaic our downstairs bathroom and document it here, but have postponed that one. Everyone's sanity is more important, and at this point just getting the house back to where we started is going to be a huge project.
I hesitate to type it here, but I think we can see an end (at least to the floor part) in our not too distant future. And yes, I do know it is an old house and will never be "done".

Matt and I keep asking ourselves, why it's taking so long to get anything done. Then someone yells from upstairs and we find them stuck in a laundry basket, and we are reminded.
I'll hopefully be back with some progress pics soon.


Danielle said...

Crosses fingers and makes lots of wishes for you.

I love the circle floor!

Jess said...

My kitten in the laundry basket is now my favorite all time picture.

LeaKarts said...

I know it's not my floor that's all torn apart, but that laundry basket picture seems to make it all worth it! Well, for a moment or two anyway. Hilarious!

I hope the process goes as fast as possible for you!

Anonymous said...

You guys are just incredible. I look forward to seeing the completed project.

Jess said...

The red cabinet is very happy in its new home. When are you putting up pics of the new studio?