Friday, January 23, 2009


When I do art/craft shows I get asked a lot of questions about my pieces.
The three most common are....
Q: How do you get the marbles to stay on the bowling balls?
A: I only work on a small part at a time, and usually have a bunch started at the same time.

Q: Don't I realize that marbles are valuable?
A: I do, but I use all kinds of different marbles. I get the majority of mine by digging through the bottom of the bins, so I'm guessing the ones I find aren't the valuable ones.

Q: How do you get your spoons so flat?
A: Matt flattens them for me on big machines at his shop back in Minnesota. When he left for this last trip I sent him with a ton of recently found thrifted spoons. I asked him to take a couple pictures of the process. He decided a video was better so you can see the engineering in action.......

He is coming home later today with a whole pile of flattened spoons for me. I'm hoping to have some new ones finished and listed in my etsy shop soon. Have a nice weekend everyone....


mandapanda said...

Q: Aren't the bowling balls heavy to work with, before and after?
Q: How do you cut the mirrors to fit on the spoons?

Megan said...

Hi Manda-
The bowling balls are heavy. Some more than others, but they are easy t come by and hold up really well in all kinds of weather.